Got booze in your bug-out bag?

Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Photo by BF123, via Wikimedia Commons

People, I'm not saying the end is nigh. But disasters happen.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. There will be disruptions, disturbances, and assorted disagreements with Mother Nature to contend with. Might as well prepare for the worst.

There are many sites that offer smart advice on provisioning for various apocalyptic scenarios, including the full-rip earthquake destined to hit the Pacific Northwest. (Spoiler Alert: You'll need water, canned food, beef jerky, and the like). But what they often fail to mention in these otherwise comprehensive lists is that your liquor cabinet will be in ruins.

Yes, at the very moment when a stiff drink will seem just the thing, there may well be no stiff-drinking to be done. And don't think you'll be swinging by the liquor store. Because...

Falling Wine
Falling Wine

No, what you need is a bottle of the good stuff, bubble-wrapped and secured away in your bug-out bag beside your back-up pair of socks. My personal preference? Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It's delicious bourbon with a bonus: It comes in a narrow bottle with squared edges. So even bundled-up, it's easy to tuck into tight corners.


Wrap it up good and snug, resisting the urge to pop the bubbles. A properly bound emergency bottle of booze will 1) not break when things get bouncy, and 2) prevent you from easily dipping into your safety stash in decidedly non-emergency-type situations.

Also, you do not need to save your swanky crystal cocktail glasses. When the time comes, you'll be drinking directly from the bottle, Calamity Jane-style.


Good luck out there.