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A salt-reduction strategy for the 21st century. This electric fork zaps your tongue with charged sodium ions that make your food taste salty.

And if you don't have an ion-charged electric fork handy, the Nutrition Source looks at simple ways to reduce the amount of salt in your diet.

Don't eat after 7pm! Detox diets rid the body of toxins! Eating fat makes you fat! The Mayo Clinic debunks these nutrition myths plus seven more just like 'em.

The Nutrition Source at the Harvard School of Public Health looks at healthy whole grains, which offer a "complete package" of health benefits.

Is the Fasting Diet legit? Time magazine covers the science of calorie-restricting diets...and why they may actually have some benefits.

In other diet-related news, The New York Times reports that drinking small amounts of vinegar before eating starches helps inhibit the digestion of the starches, which can blunt the subsequent rise in blood sugar.

Here's how the our Neanderthal cousins' bodies evolved to adapt to a high-protein diet.

Time explores 17 processed foods that nutritionists can get behind, including yogurt, frozen veggies, canned tomatoes and beans, and veggie burgers.

The Nutrition Source at the Harvard School of Public Health offers tips for sustainable eating, which benefit both the individual's health and the health of the planet.

Take The New York Times weekly health quiz.

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