Fruity and refreshing, rosé is the great compromise wine, holding that respectful middle ground between reds and whites. It's the perfect wine when the weather turns warm.

Recipes to Pair with Rosé

In warm weather, when you want something cool and refreshing but would really rather be drinking red than white, call on rosé.

Though rosé is made from red grapes, it's meant to be drunk chilled. It also pairs well with all sorts of foods, particularly grilled foods.

Rosé-friendly Recipe Collections:

Get the Red Out

Rosé usually comes from red grapes. The difference in color and body between red wines and rosé comes from how long the juice soaks with the grape skins. With rosé, the winemaker quickly separates the juice from the color- and body-building grape skins after only a brief soak, producing the dainty pink hue and the light body. Rosés end up light, fruity, and refreshing.