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Eating fructose (the sugar in corn syrup, fruits, and honey) may increase cravings for high-calorie foods.

Discover how soil bacteria genetically modified sweet potatoes some 8,000 years ago.

Adam Rogers, author of Proof: The Science of Booze, talks tequila.

More on booze. This time, how the bourbon industry is creating "carefully cultivated myths" about craft whiskey.

The Mayo Clinic has tips on eating healthy with whole grains.

Mashable asks nutritionists about the biggest misconceptions in health food.

A terrific, short video that uncovers cauliflower's many secrets.

Learn about the gut-mind connection --

an excerpt from The Good Gut, by Justin Sonnenburg and Erica Sonnenburg.

Do dietary supplements improve cholesterol? Harvard Health looks at what the research reveals.

Do microwave ovens degrade nutritional content?

Take The New York Times weekly health quiz.

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