Washington D.C. restaurateurs are no dummies. Here's a city full of diplomats who call it a bad year when they don't touch at least two continents. Why not help them travel when they're home?

sundevich menu

Sundevich, a sandwich shop that's a mile walk north from the National Mall, has the right idea. Choosing a sandwich off their menu turns weekday lunch into an intercontinental jet ride. Passport optional.

Elite level Yelpers gripe about the cost, but rave about the food and the hipster decor.

Go forth, D.C.ers and Northern Virginians. If, like me, you're stuck in the outer districts and not expecting an invitation to the Capitol anytime soon, here's a couple of (really good) international-style sandwich recipes to bring into work, so you can soar instead of #SadLunching.

Vietnamese Sandwich

Vietnamese Sandwich