Two superfoods make one super salad combo!

Quinoa and kale team up in these salads, and Allrecipes members have advice for how to make them the best they can be.

Salads like these are a catch-all for your favorite ingredients. Most people will customize these recipes with the addition of chickpeas or black beans for a little extra substance, or avocado for a creamy texture for example.

Now, see how to put that big bag of kale from Costco to work for you!

Here's a tip: steam the kale first to just slightly wilt it, just like they do in this recipe. It will make the kale less bitter and easier to chew too!

"This was so good, it actually got better as we ate it which means it probably improves when it sits for a time before serving. Instead of steaming the kale, I put it in a sauté pan with a touch of olive oil and sautéed it very briefly until just starting to wilt." –kelligooch

"I prefer fresh spinach to the kale because it cuts the chewing effort by at least 75%.

Both, however, are tasty!" –Carnivore

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More Kale + Quinoa Combos to Try

"I recommend massaging the kale first. Cut it into ribbons, then add 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Massage the salt in for 2 minutes. The kale will become silky, shiny, and very pliable. It's delicious!" –cookie

"I added about 7 more garlic cloves. I think about 3 more than that should do the trick. The garlic flavor makes this a very flavorful dish!" –SHMP

"I would cut the salt in half and add a little more Creole seasoning instead." –cassyj18

"We ate this for dinner one night and used the remainder as a side dish the following night. I thought it tasted the best when eaten at room temperature." –KARENKINM