The classic Whiskey Sour is making a comeback, as savvy sippers get more comfortable drinking cocktails made with raw egg whites. Yes, you can make it without, but the frothy foam created during the shaking of this drink is the perfect palette for an artistic finish anyone can pull off. Here are a few tips for upping your Whiskey Sour game, courtesy of the awesome bartenders at Radiator Whiskey in Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Whiskey Sour
The classic Whiskey Sour is made with raw egg whites. Photo by Leslie Kelly

1) Pick The Right Whiskey

Use something good, but not necessarily top-shelf-good. At Radiator Whiskey, the bartenders reach for Buffalo Trace, but I also love Woodford Reserve, Bulleit rye and Jack Daniel's, when mixing a whiskey sour.

2) Shake, Shake, Shake

There are two stages of shaking for this egg white version of the cocktail, the first is known as a dry shake. That means no ice is used. To aerate the egg whites, pros slip in the spring they've detached from a cocktail strainer for an extra frothy drink before adding ice for the second shake to chill the bourbon, lemon juice and splash of simple syrup.

3) The Big Finish

After straining into a coupe glass, carefully dab a few drops of bitters around the outside edge of the drink. Run a toothpick through the drops to create a pretty pattern. Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about. Here's a recipe from Imbibe. Raise one and toast National Whiskey Sour Day on Aug. 25. For more booze holidays, check out this calendar courtesy of The Intoxicologist blog.

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