Kickstarter, the online fund-raising site for businesses of all sizes, is a crystal ball for the future of how we'll cook, drink, and eat. Some of these inventions solve problems I didn't even know I had!

1. Hop Theory: Beer Enhancing Sachets | Baltimore, Maryland

Boost the flavor of any beer with these sachets that resemble teabags filled with hops, fruit peels, and seeds.

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2. Motorized SPINARRI AutoSkewers | Detroit, Michigan

Rule your backyard BBQ (or tailgate) with these motorized skewer kit that works on both gas or charcoal grills. No more rotating by hand (Ain't nobody got time for that!).

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3. Cakeit | Jerusalem, Israel

These custom fondant covers that ship anywhere in the world transform single layer round homemade cakes into something fancy.

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4. Take-Out Buddy | Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Tired of your potluck dishes, pizzas, and cakes sliding around your car? So were Jennifer Humble and George Walker. Their solution resembles a blood pressure cuff with two different grippy surfaces—place the Take-Out Buddy on any seat, puff it up, and voila! You've got a level, non-slip surface for your food.

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5. The MugStacker | Lafayette, Colorado

Slap this flat, round disk between any two mugs and stack your mugs in your cupboards with ease.

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6. Drink Blocks | Los Angeles, California

Hydrate your kids with this sugar-free, gluten-free drink. Then, rinse the BPA-free containers and you've got a fresh set of interlocking blocks!

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7. The Smoothie Press | Seattle, Washington

Are you so over seeds in your morning smoothie? Strain 'em out with this specialized mug that doubles as your smoothie container for on-the-go.

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