You'll wonder how you lived without knowing these genius moves.

Peeled Hard Boiled Egg photo by Andrea Nguyen via flickr CC
Photo by Andrea Nguyen via flickr/Creative Commons

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Thanks to

, we now know how to use a glass of water to shake the peels off hard-boiled eggs.


Chef John at

shows you an "appealing" way to skin a whole head of garlic by whacking it then shaking it for 20 seconds. See the


Peel Garlic Shake Method via Food Wishes
via Food Wishes

But what if you need to peel only a few garlic cloves?

says grab a cocktail shaker.

And then there's

nuclear option: Microwave for 20 seconds and pop the peels off. See the

Peel Garlic Microwave Method via CHOW
via CHOW


Who knew you could boil and shock potatoes to make the skins slip right off? Thanks,


Break out the power tools, because

is going to show you how to peel a lot of potatoes, "more or less," she says.


Another clever speed-peel from

, this time with apples and a drill bit.


It takes just three quick cuts to make this caterpillar orange, as demonstrated on


Peel Orange via Funny Bits
via Funny Bits


demos their "nuke n' shake" way to shuck corn.


I can personally vouch for what I call the spank-it-with-a-spoon technique for seeding a pomegranate. Totally works in just seconds and doesn't make a juicy mess.

shows you how.

Kiwis or Mangos

uses a water glass to scoop the peels off ripe kiwis and mangos. I'm thinking this would work on avocados, too.


Seriously? We've been doing it wrong all these years? That's what



shows us how to slice a banana BEFORE you even peel it. What?

Imagine flashing out these clever moves the next time you cook with friends. That's what I call dinner theater.

Have fun playing with your food!