From Tin Town to Your Town

Primanti-Style Sandwiches
Photo by Christina

There's a sandwich in Pittsburgh that's so big, they claim it "makes your hands look very, very small." It looks something like this:

Created by Joe Primanti in 1933 to feed hungry truckers in Pittsburgh's Strip District, it's a jaw-stretching stack of meat, cheese, coleslaw, and french fries, all stuffed between two thick slices of Italian bread. Some have called it America's Best Sandwich. That's convenient because, unlike a Big Mac, this baby doesn't have an official name. With at least two dozen ingredient combos on the menu at their flagship store, Primanti Bros. still simply calls it a sandwich. Okay, if they're feeling sassy, they call it their Almost Famous Sandwich. Yet for all its unpretentiousness, it has a celebrity following that includes Jimmy Fallon, Emma Watson, and Rachael Ray. And it's made its small-screen debut on and The Travel Channel. Heck, the James Beard Foundation named Primanti Bros. an American Classic.

Well guess what? You can now get Primanti Bros. sandwiches shipped to your door. That's right. Another reason to never change out of your jammies. The Primanti Party Pack comes with sandwich fixings for four, but only one t-shirt. Who gets to wear the shirt? Your call, buddy.

While You're Waiting for the Mail

Pittsburgh Sandwich
Photo by pelicangal

Delivery takes a week or so--and you only get to choose pastrami, capicola, or a combo--but if you want to get your mouth in shape to eat one of these behemoths, you can limber up with a homemade Pittsburgh Sandwich. Primanti sandwich aficionados say to use any kind of meat, but the coleslaw should be vinegar-based. And if you really want to eat it like a local, top with a fried egg and hot sauce.

This flash sandwich sale goes on through the end of November. After that, it's DIY or book a flight to Pittsburgh.