Squeeze all the shut-eye you can out of a weekday morning.


In as much time as it takes to get through the line at McDonald's or Starbucks, you can make a cheaper, tastier breakfast sandwich. Efficiency is the key. Let's go step-by-step:

1) Pop a slice of bread in the toaster and plunge the handle to commence toasting.

2) Put a small, non-stick saute pan over medium-high heat.

3) Crack an egg, beat it, and wave the bowl over a lightly-spilling faucet. (The slight amount of water, about a teaspoon, helps keep the egg from burning.)

4) By now, the pan should be hot enough to cook in. Carefully rub the business end of a stick of butter in the hot pan, just enough for a thin coating of butter. The butter's going to give the egg a little fluffiness and flavor.


5) Pour the egg mixture into the pan. It'll start cooking right away. As the edges cook, push them toward the middle of the pan slightly and tilt the pan. Uncooked egg will run into the gap, helping it all cook faster.


6) Once the egg is firm enough to do so, fold it over on itself.


7) Get your toast out, and put it on a plate. Now just slide the egg onto on the toast.

8) Splash on your favorite hot sauce, slice in half and you're ready to eat.

Basically, this is the same egg sandwich you'd get at a fast food place, except it's faster, you know what goes in it, and the total cost is about 50 cents. Not too many things save you money and time the way this sandwich does.